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Our Latest Face Care and Skin Care Products Deals, Promos and Discount Codes on Faces Canada

Faces Canada Deals Faces Canada on Categories
35% Off Up to 35% Off on all your Order
25% Off Up to 25% Off on all Skin Products
20% Off Up to 20% Off on your Purchase
Flat Rs 400 Off Up to Rs 400 Off on Orders above Rs 1299
35% Off Up to 35% Off on Bestsellers
25% Off Buy 4 Products and get 25% Off on Your Order
Know More About Faces Canada

Faces Canada is a Cosmetic brand with Canadian heritage. It has been in the market for a time span of 40 years, dedicated to creating high-quality face care products and skin care products.

The products created in Faces Canada are created to suit every skin type, tone, complexion, and ethnicity. Most of the products available in Faces Canada have a luxury essence.

The products of Faces Canada are available at a reasonable price point. They also have the quality of being cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. Faces Canada has a high-quality formulation that helps in accentuating the best for all faces.

Faces Canada Online Shopping

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I create an account on the Faces Canada website?

In order to create an account on the faces Canada website, you will be required to click on the account button in the top right corner of the website. Further, click on the create an account option. Now you will be required to fill in with their valid credentials such as name, password, and email ID.

You can also utilize your Google and Facebook accounts to help you create an account on the website of Faces Canada. Now browse through any ongoing special offer on Faces Canada and Faces Canada festival offers on the website according to your liking.

2. Is it possible to place an order without registering on the website of Faces Canada?

Yes, it is absolutely possible for you to place an order without registering on our website. You can place your order by just presenting your phone number and email ID during the time of checkout. However, we highly recommend you create an account on the Faces Canada website before you make any purchase. With the help of this, you will be efficiently able to track your order and manage your accounts. You will also be able to review and rate any particular product according to your liking.

3. Can I update my account details?

Yes, it is possible for you to update your account details according to your suitability. Login to the website of Faces Canada with your account and your account credentials. Click on view at the website, and you will get a new link for you to update your address. Now fill in with necessary details and further click on the updated address. You can anytime update and delete your address on the website.

4. How can I earn cashback offers?

If you make any purchase on the official website, Faces Canada utilizing online shopping offers. You will get to earn 10% cashback on your total order value. You are eligible to receive a store credit on every order above the value of Rs. 500. However, this offer is only applicable for prepaid orders.

5. Can I utilize my store credit and discount code together?

Yes, you are allowed to use both credit score and any discount code that you avail on the official website of Faces Canada.

If you are a first-time user at the faces Canada website, you can utilize a coupon code for first time user That is exclusively available for you on the Khoj Coupon website. Now on your further purchases, you can utilize any other discount code along with the store credit that you have received from your previous purchase.