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Everyone does online shopping for clothing many times a year, and the reasons for shopping can be a wedding, birthday party, or just their interest. What if you can save money during all your cloth shopping? Surely, it can increase your savings to a large extent, and for that purpose, you will have to find the best clothing deals and discount coupons.

How to Save Money on Online Purchases?

Online shopping for clothing and shoes will surely help you to save money in different ways. With the best clothing cashback offers provided by Khoj Coupon, you can increase your savings in numerous ways.

Here you can find some information about the best deals offered by Khoj Coupon.

It is not that easy to find the best clothing coupons and discount offers because many people are now looking for such deals and using them immediately once they find them.

So, to get such offers and discounts, you should be the first to find them. Khoj Coupon is one of the best free online coupon websites that help customers find amazing deals and offers on their favourite brands.

What all Types of Clothing Deals can you Find in Khoj Coupon?

You can enjoy endless deals and offers in Khoj Coupon because it provides coupons and deals for over 5000 brands. You can also find discount coupons for electronics, watches, home décor, footwear, gaming, etc.

One can also look for discount coupons and the best deals on their favourite e-commerce platform.

Clothing festival offers are the best because you can purchase clothes at a high discount rate during festive seasons (different for different e-commerce websites). The main types of deals and offers you can find in Khoj Coupon are the following.

  • Discount Offers for Online Purchases
  • Discount offers are familiar to everyone, but some people need to find the correct place to find those offers. One can make online purchases beneficiary with the best discount offers and coupons.

    Khoj Coupon provides a list of discount coupons for different products, and you can find the best clothing discount code for your needs easily.

  • Cashback Offers on Certain Products
  • Cashback offers are usually hard to find, and there are many fake ads that do not help you receive cashback.

    But Khoj Coupon is the best place to find genuine deals and offers by which you can surely receive cashback.

  • Flat OFF’s and Coupon Codes for a First-Time User
  • Many e-commerce websites offer flat-offs and instant discounts on first orders. Khoj Coupon is an all-in-one place to find all such amazing deals and offers provided by all shopping sites.

  • Free Shipping Offers and Deals

    Getting free shipping for your products can save you some money, and sometimes certain online stores offer free shipping for all their products.

    Khoj Coupon will help you know about such deals and offers so that you can easily utilize them to save money.

You can also find many other discounts offers, apart from the ones mentioned above like-

  • Buy one get one deal.
  • Festival shopping deals (like Flipkart's big billion days and Amazon's Great Indian festival).
  • Clothing offers on credit cards (you will receive discounts and cashbacks for using a particular credit card for payment).
  • Cashback and discounts for purchasing products over a certain amount.
  • Hot deals for certain people (for premium users).
  • Coupons for free deals (coupons that allows you to get free products).
  • Referral code for clothing to get gift cards and discounts.
How can you Use Clothing Coupon Codes and Deals in Khoj Coupon to Get Benefits?

To avail of the discount offers, you can click on the "Get This Deal" option. You will be redirected to the product store or website. They will activate the deal already, and the only thing you have to do is to order the products.

Activating discount coupons usually involves a different method where you have to copy the coupon by clicking "Get This Coupon" and applying it to get a discount on the payment page (during shopping).

Benefits of Doing Online Shopping (for Clothing) During Festive Seasons

Most of all, online shopping sites offer cheap clothing deals during festive seasons; thus, you can save a huge sum of money. All shopping sites have festive seasons, like Amazon's Great Indian festival, Flipkart's big billion days, Myntra fashion festival, etc.

During the festive seasons, these online shopping sites provide special offers on clothing, and with Khoj Coupon, you can easily find all of them:

  • Helps you to find the best clothing offers and deals.
  • New clothing products will be available at cheap prices.
  • Helps you to receive amazing discounts on clothing.

The best way to find online shopping deals of the day (for clothing & shoes)- is Khoj Coupon.

Online shopping websites offer deals and discounts daily; you cannot utilize those deals the other day. Khoj Coupon provides a list of discounts and offers for branded clothing sales online for the day.

You can find all the latest deals and discounts on its website; thus, you will not fail to notice an amazing offer. The best online shopping offers today for clothing and shoes are the following.

  • 40% OFF on all products in EK.
  • Get a Free Gift worth Rs 500 for your orders in EK.
  • 80% OFF for online clothing sales (dresses, tees, sweaters, etc.) in Myntra.
  • Up to 80% Off on clothing and footwear in Shopclues.
  • 60% off on fashion in Adidas.
  • Festival offers on clothing in Flipkart (50-80% Off on Men’s footwear).

The list of offers available in Khoj Coupon goes on, and these lists are updated with new offers and deals every day.

Online shopping with discounts is the best way to save money and receive the best quality product cheaply. Many shopping sites offer online clothing sales for men and women at discounted rates, and it is your skill to find them on time.

With Khoj Coupon, you can easily find all such deals and offers on time because this website is an all-in platform that will provide all the best discounts and deals available on most e-commerce websites.

Our Latest Ethnic Wear Deals, Promos and Discount Codes on Ek by Ekta

Ek by Ekta Deals Ek by Ekta on Categories
40% Off Up to 40% Off on all products Sitewide
30% Off Up to 30% Off on Mandala Collections
20% Off Up to 20% Off on Ethnic Wear
40% Off Up to 40% Off on New Arrivals
40% Off Up to 40% Off on Home Decor Products
Free Gift Worth Rs. 500 Free Gift Worth Rs. 500 on your Orders
Know More About Ek by Ekta

Leading Producer Ektaa Kapoor's home decor and wellness brand is the popular Ek by Ekta. The collection of Ek by Ekta is said to be inspired by the Rich cultural heritage and various traditions of India.

The products of Ek by Ekta have both incorporated contemporary and traditional elements. The company sells several on-brand products in categories such as home furnishing, home decor, and Wellness accessories.

Ek by Ekta Online Shopping

Ek by Ekta is one of the most popular websites to shop for luxurious home decor and wellness products. They sell all kinds of products ranging from bed linens, cushion covers, and table runners to vases, wall art, and jewelry pieces.

All the products have a key element that incorporates contemporary and traditional aspects. Most of the products sold by the label are luxurious products. Therefore, to secure the best deals while you are shopping from the website is to get your hands on Ek by Ekta coupons and Ek by Ekta discount code.

Ek by Ekta Discount Code

If you want to purchase any product from the website of Ek by Ekta, you must make sure to check the website of Khoj Coupon to get your hands on the best Ek by Ekta sale and Ek by Ekta cashback offers.

  • Home Decor

    Bring Home Vibrance & Positivity Handcrafted by Gifted Artisans

  • Colourful Cushion Covers

    Ethnic cotton cushion covers Variety of printed cushion covers

  • Handcrafted Linens

    Shop for handblock ethnic linens EK's range of 100% cotton linens

  • Goodness of Copperware

    Infuse goodness of copper in water Copper to help boost immunity!

By making sure that you use these coupons and discounts, you will get to experience an added discount rate on your products. The code coupon website produces legitimate coupon and discount codes that will be very beneficial for you.

How to Use Khoj Coupon on Ek by Ekta?

On the website of Ek by Ekta, you will be able to find several online shopping offers today and online shopping deals of the day. If you want to get an extra discount and offers on your product, it is the best advice that you make sure to check the Khoj Coupon website.

Khoj Coupon website presents the latest and top deals of any particular website according to your choice. This is the best free online coupon website.

Follow through the steps to know how you can get your hands on the latest Deals And offers and make use of them.

  • If you want to get your hands on the latest Ek by Ekta deals, The first step in order for you to do is that you must register on the Khoj Coupon website.
  • Fill in with your valid credentials on the coach coupon website to make an account for yourself.
  • Now that you have successfully created an account, you can browse for a special offer on Ek by Ekta on the website that is suggested on that day.
  • Select a deal according to your preference and requirement.
  • Now move on to the official website of Ek by Ekta.
  • Browse through the website of Ek by Ekta and choose the product according to your liking. Be sure to choose the products which are applicable with the discount code that you have availed from the website of Khoj Coupon.
  • Now add all the products according to your choice and move forward to the payment section.
  • Now before you proceed to pay for your product, add the credentials you have received from the Khoj Coupon website and click on apply.
  • You will instantly get to notice that there has been a reduction made in the total amount of your product, and you will get to buy your desired item in a budget-friendly manner.


1. How long does it take for Products to Get Delivered?

If you are shopping at the official website of Ek by Ekta and you avail of the latest Ek by Ekta festival offers, it is estimated that you will receive your products within 5 to 7 business days.

2. What is the Return Policy?

If you have made any purchases with Ek by Ekta using the Ek by Ekta promo code and you want to return any of our products, you can return it back. The company holds a friendly return policy. You can expect to return the product and receive a 100% refund in your account.

The original product is required to be returned within seven business days, according to the date it is being delivered. Go to my accounts option on the website and then place a return request for your product.

3. How can I Get the Best Deals?

There are several offers that are going on the website of Ek by Ekta. However, if you want to score additional discounts on your product, you can further go to the Khoj Coupon and avail yourself of Ek by Ekta coupon code.

If you are a first-time user, you can get your hands on the exclusive coupon code for first time users. This can only be availed by first-time users on the website. For increasing your credit score, you can also get your hands on the latest Ek by Ekta referral code.

4. What can I Buy at Ek by Ekta?

Ek By Ekta sells different products across categories such as home furnishing, home decor, and Wellness accessories. The product has a signature of both contemporary and traditional elements.

The company sells several home furnishings items such as cushion covers, bed linen, table runners, and drapes. It also sells popular home decor products such as serve ware, vases, and wall art.

You can also find several wellness products such as hamsa, evil eye, dhoop burner, and jewelry. Make use of coupons for online shopping to secure the best and the most pocket-friendly deal on all these products.