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Take a Look at All the Latest Offers, Discounts, Coupons and Promo Code for WhiteHat Jr

Gain more information so take check what does the WhiteHat Jr course on sale has in-store by taking a look at this table.

Offers at WhiteHat Jr The Coupon Code Benefits
The Most Famous Plan at WhiteHat Jr Up to 7% Off
The Best Value Plan Up to 5% Off
Introduction to Coding Up to 4% Off
Advance Coding with Space Tech INR 694 for each class
Purchase Application Developer Certificate INR 708 for each class
WhiteHat Jr – A Brief Description

WhiteHat Jr is an outstanding online learning platform that offers paid services. The platform was founded back in 2018 in India. The platform provides an excellent fusion of technology and education, which aims to teach all young minds about “CODING”. The platform offers online classes discount codes, deals and even offers to all the students.

This online educational platform also engages all the experienced instructors who teach all the coding essentials, such as Sequence, Structure and Logic. The instructors also cover App Development, Programming Language, Artificial Intelligence, etc. The platform also offers WhiteHat Jr deals for both students and teachers on various things.

Furthermore, the platform encourages all young minds into the tech realm and prepares them for the upcoming sector by turning them into excellent problem solvers. Students who wish to learn programming, app and web development, and coding will get WhiteHat Jr cashback offers for all their online classes and multiple learning levels.

How to Receive a Discount through the WhiteHat Jr Coupons?

To use the WhiteHat Jr coupon code properly and obtain the discount, there are some steps which every user has to follow. One can easily redeem all the discount codes for teachers with the help of the promo code offered by this online platform during checkout. So, how to use the WhiteHat Jr discount code? Let’s find out!

  • Step 1: Visit the WhiteHat Jr store on any reliable and free coupon code website.
  • Step 2: The website contains a list of verified WhiteHat Jr promo code, deals and coupons. You can choose the one that you like.
  • Step 3: After selecting a coupon, you can press the Get Coupon Code option, and the discount codes for students will get copied automatically.
  • Step 4: Now, one must visit the official website of WhiteHat Jr.
  • Step 5: Shop for the courses he/she needs, then paste the WhiteHat Jr referral code during checkout.
  • Step 6: After pasting the coupon code for first time user, the discount will be added to the cart.
Reasons to Choose WhiteHat Jr

Even though the platform offers amazing WhiteHat Jr offers today option, there are several other reasons to choose this online learning site. They are:

  • It’s Easy: The platform is pretty easy to use for all users. All the options for the courses will be available on the home page. Students just have to click on the one they wish to study.
  • Convenient: Students can easily choose the time and date slots according to their requirements.
  • It’s Innovative: The idea and concept of WhiteHat Jr are pretty innovative and competitive at the same time.
  • Certified: All the programs and courses offered on this online platform are genuine and certified.
Get to Know About the Curriculum

WhiteHat Jr offers a gradual teaching procedure. All the courses are split based on the student’s grade, which ranges from:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Professional
  • Applied Tech

Besides that, the curriculum comes with 3 primary certificates that are based completely on the number of classes, and they are:

  • Introduction to Coding [8 Classes]: This certificate cover topics on Fundamentals Coding Blocks and Sequence.
  • Loops App Developer Certificate [48 Classes]: Under this certificate, students will learn about the UI/Events Conditionals, Turtle Coding [+1st module], Logic Structures and Complex Loop.
  • Advanced Coding with Space Tech [144 Classes]: The certificate will teach students about the Space Tech simulation in Game Lab/Space Lab, Extended UX/UI Rich GUI App and Professional Gaming Design [+1st 2 modules].
The Policy and Privacy of WhiteHat Jr

Just like how the WhiteHat Jr deals of the day have a certain time limit and regulations, which every user must follow, the platform itself has the certain policy and privacy options. WhiteHat Jr is designed for children who are below 18 years of age and need parental consent.

All the information gathered on this platform is utilized for managing accounts and promotional and marketing services. WhiteHat Jr has the right to update, edit and review all information, which is offered by the users. It also provides the 3rd party services and is not responsible for the policies of these services.

The Refund and Fulfilment Policy of WhiteHat Jr

When a user buys a specific plan from the platform, the fulfilment takes place online, and the credits or classes get allotted quickly. Besides that, if an individual wants a refund, WhiteHat Jr immediately processes the refunds through an unutilized created on a pro-rata basis. All the courses offered at WhiteHat Jr come with lifetime validity, and students can cancel the plan whenever they want.

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs On Online Classes

1. What are the main essentials of Coding?

Sequence, Structure and Logic are known as the main essentials of coding.

2. How much discount will I get on the best value plan?

Students will get a special offer on WhiteHat Jr for the ‘best value plan’, which is up to 5% off. It’s advised that individuals should check the discount offer before opting for it.

3. Which is the best discount provided for the courses at WhiteHat Jr?

According to the WhiteHat Jr festival offers, students will get 7% off on the ‘most famous plan’ and 4% off on ‘introduction to coding. Please check the platform to learn more about all the available discounts.

4. What will students learn through WhiteHat Jr?

Students will gain excellent knowledge and understanding of coding. They will also learn about problem-solving and get to improve their overall academic performance and creativity. All the courses are taught by experienced instructors, who will teach how to use the programming language to manipulate data, how to create applications, animations and websites and many more.