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Adidas Deals Adidas on Categories
50% off Up to 50% Off on Men's Tennis Shoes
60% off Up to 60% Off on Kids Clothing
50% off Up to 50% Off on Women’s Hoodies
50% off Up to 50% Off on Football Jerseys & Shirts
30% off Up to 30% Off on Women’s Joggers & Track Pants
60% off Up to 60% Off on Kids Merchandise
Know More About Adidas

Adidas is one of the most popular German manufacturers of athletic apparel and shoes, and also sporting goods. In the early days of the 21st century, Adidas was one of the largest manufacturers of sportswear.

The name Adidas is an abbreviation of the name of the company's founder, Adolf (Adi) Dassler. The company began manufacturing its merchandise and excellent quality Sport Shoes in the year 1949.

Adidas is currently known as one of the best shoe companies worldwide. It operates in more than 200 countries. Adidas is also known for its sports shoes and items of clothing.

Adidas Online Deals

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Adidas Upcoming Online Sales Deals Expected Date
Adidas Republic Day sale 20th-26th January
Adidas Valentine’s Day Sale 14th February
Adidas Holi Sale From 18th March
Adidas Summer sale 17th-23rd June
Adidas Father’s Day sale 14th-19th June
Adidas Freedom sale 10th-15th August
Adidas Warehouse sale 20th-25th September
Adidas Dussehra Sale From October 5th
Adidas Diwali Sale 20th-26th October
Adidas Black Friday sale 25th-30th November
Adidas Christmas Sale 20th-25th December
Adidas End of Season Sale 25th-29th December

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Adidas Discount Code

Adidas is one of the top brands of shoe and clothing merchandise in the world market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What If a Product I Bought is Defective?

If any of the customers or buyers are not satisfied with the quality of a particular product, you are requested to contact customer service of Adidas. Your claims and concerns will be acknowledged by the team. Further, if the team finds that your claims are justified; your item will be replaced by a brand-new product. You are requested to go through the Return Policy of the company in order to know more about how you can be serviced.

2. Does Adidas Select and Monitor its Suppliers?

Each supplier at Adidas must meet the requirement of the workplace standards. Each supplier is also required to prove that there are no risk issues in their factories. If a particular factory does not meet the company standards, they are further rejected, or its business contract is terminated.

Any new team is checked wisely by the sustainability team of the company. Additionally, monitoring compliance is held by commissioned independent auditors and third parties’ experts.

3. Are Adidas Products Safe?

All the materials that are used to create the Adidas products are required to pass the standardized test for their chemical and biological safety. Adidas uses particular material specifications and procedures to make sure of great product quality along with customer safety. Along with a strict compliance process and update, the company also desires to ensure that there are constant improvements in the quality of the product. The company makes sure that you get to have your guilt-free Basketball Shoes.

4. From Where can I Buy the Original Best, Quality Adidas Products?

You can avail the best quality and original products on the original website of Adidas. Further, if you want to avail a few of the best Adidas festival offers and Adidas cashback offers, you can rely on Khoj Coupons to get the best deal.

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5. Does Adidas report on its multiple environmental and social policies and performance externally?

Since the year 2017, Adidas has been exclusively disclosing all its non-financial and financial reports and information in a particular publication, the Annual Report of Adidas.