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Plum Goodness Deals Plum Goodness on Categories
40% Off Up to 40% Off on Plum Goodness Combos
40% Off Up to 40% Off on Serums
20% Off Up to 20% Off on Green Tea Exfoliating Peel
20% Off Up to 20% Off on Vitamin C Face Serum
20% Off Up to 20% Off on Green Tea Exfoliating Peel
40% Off Up to 40% Off on Plum Goodness Combos
Know More About Plum Goodness

Plum Goodness is an Online based Cosmetic brand that was founded by Shankar Prasad in the year 2014. Plum Goodness is the first vegan beauty brand in India. Plum Goodness provides several skin care, hair care, body care and makeup products to its customers.

Plum Goodness as a company is 100% vegan and claims to have safe ingredients that have several natural extracts to cater to the needs of every skin type. The company thrives on repeat customer rate and productivity of retail stores. They value the feedback of each customer and focus more on qualitative requirements than quantitative requirements.

Plum Goodness Online Shopping Voucher

Plum Goodness is one of the first vegan beauty brands in India. If you're looking to purchase vegan skincare, hair care and skin care products, we suggest you go to the Plum website.

Don't forget to register and create an account for yourself on the Plum Goodness website to get notifications regarding Plum Goodness sale online and Plum Goodness deals. By making use of these deals, you will get to purchase your favourite Plum Goodness product at less than the usual price.

Also, if you are a first-time user of the Plum Goodness website, you can make use of the exclusive coupon code for first time user. This coupon code is only accessible to first-time users only. Plum Goodness is a sustainable brand, and as a step towards goodness, the company has launched its #Empties4Good initiative. With the help of this initiative, you cannot just return your plum empties for free, but you also get an additional 50 rupees. That is credited to your Plum Goodness account.

Plum Goodness Discount Code for Skincare, Haircare, Body care and Makeup Kit Products

If you're looking to purchase a product from goodness, we advise you to browse through the Khoj Coupon website. This website produces the latest Plum Goodness coupon code, keeping in mind the on-going trends in the market.

If you browse through the Khoj Coupon website, you will also get to notice that there are as several Plum Goodness cashback offers. Make use of this offer to receive instant cashback on your Plum Goodness account.

  • Get Free Samples
    Try our bestsellers for Free Just pay ₹99 for shipping.
  • Vegan Haircare
    Vegan Shampoos, Conditioners & Hair mask for healthy hair.
  • Plum Body Lovin'
    Fragrant. Unique. Top-Selling. Explore entire body care range.
  • Skin Loving Makeup
    Light weight. Non-sticky. Smudge proof makeup essential
  • Festival Offers
    Shop for your fave skin & body lovin plums worth ₹1099 to get this duo now. Extra 10% Off Code: NEW10.

All the discount and coupon codes that are provided on the website of Khoj Coupon are 100% legitimate. You can successfully retrieve the coupons from the website and receive successful benefits for your next plum purchase. You must also note down that all the coupon codes can only be accessed once by each member.

How to use Khoj Coupon on Plum Goodness?

Plum Goodness is 100% Vegan and Promotes sustainability. Plum Goodness, you can purchase several hair care, body care and face care products. However, if you are on a budget and in search of a free online coupon website, you must visit the Khoj Coupon website.

Khoj Coupon website provides all its members with a special offer on Plum Goodness and Plum Goodness festival offers. Go through these steps to successfully retrieve and receive discounts on your plum cart.

  • Firstly, you will require opening the Khoj Coupon website. Now further, you will require registering and creating an account for yourself on the website to get access of the latest coupon codes.
  • Create an account for yourself on the website using your necessary details.
  • Now that you have successfully created an account for yourself, browse through online shopping offers today and online shopping deals of the day that are offered on the website.
  • Now jump right back on the official website of Plum Goodness.
  • Browse through the different categories and products that are available on the website and add products according to your liking to your cart.
  • Once you have successfully filled in your cart with all your products, proceed to the payment gateway.
  • Now enter the coupon codes that you have received from the website and click on apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I Recycle my Plum Empties?

If you purchase any product from the official website Plum utilizing the Plum Goodness discount code and Plum Goodness promo code, we are happy to inform you that we have launched our #Empties4Good initiative. With the help of this initiative, you cannot just send your plum empties for recycling, but you will also receive Plum shopping credit for your act of goodness.

With all the empty packaging that you send to our address, Plum Goodness will reward you with Rs.50 in your shopping credits on the official website of Plum Goodness. Before your next purchase, you also get to use your Plum Goodness referral code.

2. Is the Plum Packaging Biodegradable?

If you are purchasing the product from Plum Goodness by making use of Plum Goodness coupons, we would like to inform you that most of our packaging is recyclable. At plum, we minimize the use of packaging mostly. Plastic products like SAN, ABS and PVC Are strictly avoided. However, currently, there are no special measures taken for more biodegradable and convenient plastic options. At Plum Goodness, we encourage reusing and recycling plastics and also, you’re packaging.

3. Are Plum Products 100% Natural?

Plum Goodness, we maximize the use of naturally derived formula and natural ingredients for our product. But to remain transparent without customers, we will inform you that our products are not 100% natural. Not all the products that are available on our website are 100% natural; however, products such as Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal and Hello Aloe Caring Day Moisturizer are created from 100% natural ingredients.

We would also like to guarantee you that all the products that are listed on our website are 100% safe for you and your family to use.